April 11 Sunday Service: The Commandment of Love

Detroit Calvary Community Church Held first Sunday Service after Easter Service. This time, minister broadcasted service via Instagram Live Talk. Hope new people could join through this way.


Minister preached sermon: The Commandment of Love. As the first commandment from God, this commandment is important for humans beings. It reveals the meaning of humans’ life. By understanding it, we will fulfill the will of God. Human beings need to love God, love neighbors, love the creatures. The order of this love comes from this commandment. We should love God first, so we can love neighbors and creature in correct way. Also, by fulfilling this commandment, the will of God’s creation will be fulfilled. The kingdom of God could come on this earth. As we understanding this commandment, may we live as true person and coworker of God’s kingdom.


May God reveal the power of Truth and Gospel through Detroit Calvary. May more people could come very soon.