About Us


Calvary Community Church is a group of believers that wish to continue the living for the history of God that He has called us to take part in. Through reading (from the Scriptures), teaching (Bible studies), and preaching (Evangelism), the main objective of our church is to carry out the Great Commission in Matthew 28, and make disciples of all nations.

Jesus Christ, as He showed through His sacrifice on the cross, opening the way for our salvation. Calvary Community Church is purposed to help you know Christ deeply and to form a strong and loving relationship with Him based on grace, a grace that will forgive you of your sins and grant you the power of God’s Holy Spirit to live a life that will glorify Him.

The Bible tells us that it is through hearing the Word that we gain faith, allowing us to receive God’s grace, which we then share with people through fellowship and acts of service. We hope that our services and Bible studies will help the Word come alive to you, and that you may feel it near to you as God intends.

Active church planting projects were initiated in order to reach the local people more effectively and penetrate the city powerfully.

The Great Commission of preaching the Word to the ends of the earth also inspired the church planting project in reaching many more cities in Michigan State.

Our hope is reach out to many souls with the power of the Word of God and share in the joy of salvation that comes from knowing Jesus Christ.

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision:
This Gospel of the Kingdom Shall Be Preached in the Whole Detroit and Michigan!


Our Mission:

We aim to build up church members with 3-Live Goal:

Live by Faith: Stand on the solid foundation of salvation of Jesus Christ by faith. 

Live in Truth: Live out Christ-like life daily by following the truth of Bible.

Live for Kingdom of God: Inherit the dream of Jesus Christ and disciples to build up Kingdom of God on earth through our faith, church mission and daily life.