0421 Wednesday Service: The Parable of Mustard Seed

Detroit Calvary Community Church offered Wednesday Service with message about the parable of mustard seed.

Mustard seed and yeast represent small, little and insignificant things. The size of a mustard seed is that of a tiny seed that flies away when blown by the wind. This shows us the image of the community of Jesus itself, which is coming to be established by Jesus and his disciples.  Although it’s small, although it cannot withstand the wind and may be carried away -so inadequate and insignificant- and may be a seed without any weight; yet, when it is sown, it will grow.  It will grow and become a big tree.

When we look at ourselves, we are wretched and inadequate. We might think that we will be carried away when the wind blows. But, there’s a message the Lord is giving us. He is saying, “Don’t be afraid. Do not despair. You will be planted and become a big tree where many birds gather.” A mustard seed will grow and many will dwell in that big tree. God will be looking at the dreams, at the future, at the ideals, and at the hope in the mustard seed.

Ministers received hope and encouragement from this message. May God leads Detroit mission greatly.