0602 Wednesday Service Rebirth

Detroit Calvary Community Church offered Wednesday Service with sermon “Rebirth” on June 2.

From the conversation between Jesus and Nicodemus, Jesus leads us to know that we must be reborn to enter the Kingdom of God. This is not to be reborn from mom, but to be reborn from God, to be son of God. Rebirth is having and knowing this identity.

Jesus has clear self identity as son of God and savior. This identity is the origin and source of strength that allowed Jesus to overcome all the hardship and suffering.

How can we be born again? It is by water and the Holy Spirit. By water and the Holy Spirit, we are cleansed. So we should not go back to life of flesh and get dirty.

Ministers were taught by God to keep self-identity and keep holy. Also, we are walking in quality time. Even though we couldn’t see, God is changing the world every day. We need to be alert and follow God.