Campus Evangelism in Lawrence Technological University

March 16, Detroit minister kept daily mission and receive strength from God. Minister had Bible study with Bible student continuously. And, minister evangelized in Lawrence Technological University to find 2 interested students.


Minister studied Romans 8 with Justin together. After reading the notebook, minister shared that God, man and other creations groaned because of the fall of man. All of this world is waiting for the recovery of man. Until now, we have focused on personal salvation. From here, we want to zoom out to see the whole picture. What is the will of God after personal salvation? It is to save others through the one has been saved. And all these saved people gather together to form God’s people, God’s church. How can this be happen? Jesus taught us: if one single seed dies, it will produce many seeds. When all the sons of God gather together, it will reveal the great glory of God, and the history can be restored. That’s why Jesus gave the great commission to disciples.