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How can you be involved at your local Calvary Community Church? Here are some simple steps towards becoming more acquainted and involved in your Calvary community!


    Choose location, language, or fellowship. Filling out a connection card lets us know what your interests are and what gifts God has given you. This is also a chance to sign up for one of our systematic Bible series, learn about our ministry fellowships, or study in your preferred language. DOWNLOAD CONNECTION CARD


    As indicated on your Connection Card, you may join a Bible study session held throughout the week and ministry fellowship gatherings held once a month. Bible study courses include topics on Paul’s letter to the Romans, creation, sin, marriage, and more!


    Attending workshops and Bible seminars about Jesus will prepare your heart in the understanding of what salvation is and what the next steps are in your path of faith. You are also encouraged to attend local retreats and commit to regular Bible studies and services.


    Joining the Bethel community as a member allows you to participate in one of several active ministries including Music Media Family & Kids Youth Prayer Education Church Planting Outreach & Evangelism


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At Calvary Community Church we are fully committing to fulfilling the great commission that the Lord Jesus Christ appointed His children to follow. As true disciples of Christ, we not only listen to the Word of God, but we also follow the footsteps of Christ in feeding the lost sheep and dying so that many others may live in Christ. Therefore, we wish to spread the good news of the Gospel to every city, neighborhood, and street.

Calvary Community Church is continually growing and preparing to set up multiple sites in the state of Michigan. Currently, we are covering a densely populated neighborhood in northwestern Detroit; in the future we will pioneer more churches in other major cities of Michigan. We believe that in order to share the joy of salvation that comes through Jesus Christ, we must consider the most strategic method in reaching hundreds and thousands of people. Church planting allows our congregation to put the Word into practice and reach the masses with the message of the Gospel. In this way, we can truly heal the wounded, influence lives, and change the world with the knowledge of Christ.

Although the United States of America finds its roots in our Christian forefathers, millions of Americans admit to never or rarely attending church. Calvary Community Church opens up a place for every person who feels they are wandering in life without direction. It is our hope that our church planting initiatives can open up a path for all those struggling in life no matter where they live. The Word of God gives us true life and a sense of satisfaction we could never find in the secular world. Through our gender-based, age-based, and interest-based ministries there is a place where God can use every person in investing their talents and life for the Kingdom of God. We are committed to sharing fellowship, sharing life, and sharing the joy of the Lord through our Christ-centered churches no matter the location.


Detroit is famous for its rich, diverse culture and it is not uncommon for a different language to be spoken other than English in many parts of the metropolitan area. According to a recent census, nearly 9.6% of people in Detroit speak a language other than English at home. Thankfully, even the Bible comes in a myriad of languages and dialects. At Calvary Community Church, we wish to expand our evangelism reach by casting the net among the abounding and growing diverse population in Detroit. We invite you to experience the Word of God, which transcends language barriers and culture into one single universal truth.

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Fellowship Groups

In Christian life, fellowship(Koinonia) among brothers, sisters in Christ is a joy of God’s blessing. Koinonia is the ministry that performs various fellowship events and provide the tracks of many different fellowship groups to exist with a diverse activities in all locations in the city.

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