March 7 Sunday Service: He Immediately Went Out And It Was Night

March 7, Detroit Calvary Community Church offered Sunday Service: He Immediately Went Out And It Was Night.


Minister preached sermon from John 13:20-30. Judas rejected to receive the humble and deep exhortation of Jesus. There is sin in Judas heart which is refusing to repent until the end. It is stubbornness. We should not be like Judas, but to repent when God still have mercy on us. In front of God, we should humble our hearts to accept His Word and change our mind, not hold our own “righteousness” to reject God’s righteousness. God cannot forcibly change our minds. It is our duty to change our heart to follow God.

“After receiving the morsel of bread, he immediately went out. And it was night.” Until the end, Judas didn’t accept the exhortation of Jesus and went to betray his teacher. This is a sad story. There is deep connection and emotion between Jesus and Judas. Jesus tried to restore Judas until the end, but Judas rejected. At that time, other disciples didn’t know what happened. They were spiritual blind. May we could be awake in spirit, so we can walk together with Jesus.


Ministers meditated precious word together and prayed after service. God revealed to minister to setting up the foundation of church is preparing land. After that, God can plant seeds which means bringing souls to Calvary Church. Ministers realized the importance and would prepare quickly all the foundations including church website.