Detroit Calvary Received Abundant Grace from Midwest Region Retreat

Detroit Calvary joined regional retreat and received abundant grace.

Brother Yibo, sister Nairobi and Elvira joined retreat together. Brother Yibo joined all the schedule. He said: faith comes from hearing the Word. By Word, we can endurance in difficulties. He also looked forward to finding the hiddren treasure. May God continually guide him and open his eyes to see it.

Minister received grace through the messages. Be patient in mission, cause God’s way is beyond ours. God’s kingdom is changing day and night, no matter if we notice or not. But as son of God, we don’t just follow, but participate the process of building Kingdom of heaven activity. We share the same heart with God’s. Also, may we become good scribe to share clear and deep message to people.

Thank God for all His grace and word inside Detroit Calvary. May God bless mission while we offer to God fully.