Detroit Campus Mission Adds Bible Students

The campus mission added a new bible study student named Immanuel. He learned Romans 1 with a grateful heart. He was raised in a Christian family and has a Pentecostal church background.

He came to the first bible study with a humble heart. He said that “I just focus on your teaching.” When he listened to the lecture, he was really amazed by the word and thankful for the teaching.

He reflected “I am very glad to have this time to study the word. God is living God father. I would really expect for the following studies.”

The church minister said “without his mercy and love, we couldn’t stand and walk this way. I am very thankful to God that we continue to have graceful bible study on campus.”

Please pray for the campus mission of Detroit church to gather more thirsty people for the word of God and care them with the precious word of God.