Detroit Campus Mission Continues Graceful Bible Study

Detroit, Calvary Community Church campus bible study continues to gather and hold graceful bible study. Wayne State University bible study students named Chris, Peter, and Samuel studied Romans 5 with a grateful heart for amazing grace of God and thankful sacrifice of Jesus showed to sinners. They compared the image of Adam and Jesus related obedience to God.

Samuel shared “The power of the grace that has come from the Lord through Christ helps me remember the amazing grace. I hope that my life can reflect the true power of his grace and the real opportunity in the faith that God has first shown to us”

Chris reflected “Thank you Lord for the gift of Salvation. I can remind that your salvation is the unconditional love toward us. I don’t deserve and could not earn. Please open my eyes to your wonderful gift that I have received that I would be your glory and praise.

Please pray for the campus mission of Detroit church to gather more thirsty people for the word of God and care them with the precious word of God.