Detroit Church Bible Study Continues to Grow

On Oct. 15th. Detroit Calvary Community Church welcomed two new people
to come to church Sunday service and Sunday bible study. Both of them
come from Wayne State University.

The church minister met them at the campus and invited them to Church
several weeks ago. Then they called and asked to come to church. They
were very glad to meet the church and listen to the word. Even one brother
likes to play piano then he decided to become a member of church Jubilee.

The church minister taught Genesis 2 as along with the plan for the rising
church membership and leadership. One church member Bill said “It’s very
thankful to me. It’s like a plentiful spiritual food. I am very expected to listen
to the word of God continue.”

Please pray for the church mission and education development to deliver
the love of God and continue to grow well in Christ.