Detroit Church Campus Bible Study Romans

Detroit Calvary Church campus bibles study is progressing in the grace of God. Jan. 12th was the 2nd day of campus bible study with Romans chapter 2 titled “The sin of Jews.” The bible students listen very carefully and deeply understanding about meaning of salvation.

Nate one of bible students reflects “God has given us grace and the salvation is a  gift of God. We must not abuse it. We are all sinners, but the blood of Jesus covers our sin. Making us righteous in God’s eyes. There are many called “Christians” who do not truly know God. We must sincerely accept and seek God in our heart.”

The church minister said “today was the 2nd day of campus bible study. Then one student brought his friend to the bible class. There is the power of God in his word and pray. I would like to extend more this class to deliver the gospel to many students.

Please pray for the campus mission of Detroit church to draw many lost souls of God.