Detroit Church Strives to Bear Fruit for OLI and Summer Retreat

Calvary Community Church strives campus evangelism for the OLI and Summer retreat that will be held in Dover this Summer. The church has focused on Wayne States University and University of Michigan Dearborn Campus. They will keep holding the schools and plan to have daily campus evangelize to find more people.

In order to make a successful mission in Summer season, they are going to have small bible study and prayer meeting event at church to know more the love and will of God toward us. Also, the church will have Pentecost Retreat in Chicago with members to experience the abundant grace of God.

The church minister said “the warm spring breeze blows over the campus after the long and cold winter. We will rely on the power of prayer for the remaining period to convey the grace of salvation and the blessing of God to those who are wandering in the world.”

Please pray for the church campus evangelism with the grace of God.