Detroit Church to Hold Gospel Concert Nov. 4th

Detroit Calvary Community Church will hold a Gospel music Concert on
Nov. 4th at 4 p.m. with the church community people. Samuel, who is a
leader of the church has been preparing this concert with passionate heart.

Detroit Jubilee will perform songs of Christian southern gospel and
inspirational music at this time. During this concert, the church minister is
going to preach and share the love of Jesus Christ, the life and salvation.

Detroit Jubilee will be posting flyers at campus and inviting their people,
church also will show a banner for the concert to the neighborhood. The
church expects that through this concert, people meet the love of God
and gain the salvation from Jesus.

The church minister said “It will be a blessing time for all of our church
community and family. We will sing and praise together to God’s love and
mercy for us”

Please pray for the concert to saw the life of Jesus and be introduced for
the church neighbor well.