Detroit Group Bible Study Welcomes New Comers

Detroit Calvary community church held group bible study with Brandon and Tre. There were two newcomers to the study. Brandon brought his wife Nicole and newcomer Alex joined. They were glad and thankful to join the good news from God through learning Romans 7.

Brandon always shares with his wife Nicole after his bible study. She opened her heart to listen and decided to learn twice a week with Brandon. Alex was a freshman who wants to join a bible fellowship. So the church minister invited him to the group bible study.

Tre reflected “Jesus died on the cross for our sins. I yet still reside in the land of sin. So we have to fight the small battle for the sanctification. God knows that we are weak. I want to rely on him more the grace and mercy of God in my life.”

The church minister said “It was a graceful time of group bible study. I realize again that through my strength and wisdom I can’t make and go forward. I want to lay down more my will and seek his will in a mission.”

Please pray for the campus mission of Detroit church to gather more thirsty people for the word of God and care them with the precious word of God.