Jesus Christ, he is our salvation

Jesus Christ, he is our salvation
ROMANS 8:1-18

Through the book of Romans we are able to learn about all our sin and salvation by the word. Bible says
that there is no righteousness, not even one. All we are not able to be righteous by our own strength.
However, bible declares that we have been justified, by faith and grace through the sacrifice of Jesus
Christ and the love of God our father.

As we follow the way of faith along with the word of Romans we could find the process of salvation
especially justification, sanctification, glorification. Romans chapter 8 tells us that the most important
and turning point is justification, by faith we have been justified. The greatest turning point and

Being Justified and saved by faith was the unfamiliar story for Jews. That’s why Paul gave example from the
Old Testament Abraham and David He spoke about Abraham. Abraham, he was the ancestor of Jews, he
was justified by faith by God. Actually, this is not unfamiliar, we already can see this grace in OT. So in the
same way we have been justified by grace.

The conclusion of chapter 8 is Glorification. If we endure this process of sanctification well, in the future God
will place us in the place of glory. What we have in front of us, is glorification, we look at it as we go on.

(Romans 8:1-2) It says “therefore” it doesn’t say “but.” Why is it, therefore? Bible tells us that we have
been saved, we have been justified, there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. Even
though there can be so much struggle and difficulties in our life, all these things cannot change the fact
that we have been saved.

It cannot change the fact that we have been justified. Many times, we can think that why is my image
like this if I am being saved. I am saved, but why do I keep committing sin? When will be my past sins
and habits fixed? Will I go whole my life and still have them? All these doubts start coming out. No
matter how am I, but the fact that we are saved already is unchanging. We have been already changed.
No –one can call you sinners because we have been set free from the death. No-one can call us sinners
and no one can condemn us.

(Romans 8:3-4) Because in the past even though there was law, but no matter how much, how hard we
tried, we still couldn’t keep the law completely. But God, allowed us to fulfill everything completely.
That’s why we have to live life following love, following the gospel. So that not only we will fulfill
everything, but we will be set free.

(Romans 8:5-17) Paul also divided the flesh and spirit. He keeps on speaking of these two things. So
what can we do to overcome the flesh, desires of the flesh? When we receive his grace, all other things just
disappear and peace will come to us. He said, kill your mortal body, and give life to your spirit. If your
spirit lives, than even your body will live. Kill your flesh, but not literally.

Save your spirit first. And if your spirit lives, than later even your body will live. He says, do not live, by
following your flesh. He is saying this again. And then he says, you are Sons of God. How great is this.
And now you can call God, Abba father. Abba – that means Dad. It is very close relationship. We have
become the sons of God. Then he declares that now we are children – heirs. We are the heirs that can
inherit everything.

(Romans 8:18) At the end it says, “we share in his suffering in order that we may also share in his glory.”
So right now , the suffering that we experience, it is to receive glory also. Our present suffering cannot
be compared with the glory that will come after. There is glory before us, there is this glory, so that we
can endure today’s suffering.

God called us. He foreknew us and called us and he allowed us to become a firstborn. Since we have
been called to the end we are actually like a last sons. But as we were called as the last ones, but we
became like a firstborn. God will graciously give us all things. He gave us his own son, so he will give us
everything. People in Rome receiving this letter. They have so much hardship and prosecution and they
were being murdered and even though, nothing can separate us from the love of Christ.