July 11 Detroit Calvary Sunday Service: 2 Lost Sheep Return to God

Detroit Calvary Community Church offered Sunday Service: Come and You Will See. 2 students from Wayne State University joined together.

The first 2 disciples are the ones who seek salvation, that’s why when they heard the testimony of Baptist John that Jesus is the lamb of God, they turned to Jesus. When Jesus asked them what are you seeking, they replied: where are you staying? Their concern is not about something outside, but about life itself. How does Jesus live His life? What’s the right path of human life? With these deep concerns, they became the first disciples. After they lived together with Jesus, they testified Jesus is Messiah. Apostle John testified that the truth is what we have seen, heard, and touched. Because they have lived together with Jesus, and through Jesus’ life, they recognized Jesus. May we also have this deep concern and know Jesus’ life through Bible, so that we can truly testify Jesus is Messiah.

Brother Fan and Chen joined service together. Brother Fan shared that he had been lost before, but recently he thought he shouldn’t live a lost life. He started to read Bible and pray these days. He eagerly expressed his hope to join service onsite. Minister testified this is truly God’s guidance.

Sister Chen was evangelized at Lawrence Technological University. 2 weeks ago, she suddenly contacted minister grace for counseling. After that, she joined Bible study and Sunday services. She was evangelized by one church before and attended their fellowship for around one year, but she couldn’t solve her question of faith. So she finally left that church and was busy with her normal life. Ministers answered some of her questions today and really realized that clearly teaching Bible is so important. 

These 2 brothers and sisters were lost sheep before, but God guided them back by His unchangeable love and grace. May God use Detroit Calvary to shepherd them well and bring them back to God completely.