March 14 Sunday Service: The Prayer at Gethsemane

March 14, Detroit Calvary Community Church held Sunday Service to meditate The Prayer at Gethsemane. Brother Justin joined service together.

When Jesus prayed in Gethsemane, the 3 most closed disciples couldn’t pray together with him. This is a tragedy. The most sad tragedy is not something happened outside, but inside. Disciples lived together with Jesus, but couldn’t share same heart with Him, this is a sad tragedy. But not only them, this world is cold and blind toward Jesus’ life. We need repent and pray for this world to open eyes to know Jesus and accept Him.
Minister concluded that Gethsemane is the place where the king to be anointed as king. When Jesus came to earth, people failed to accept Him as king. We should not let this tragedy happen again in our life. May we all accept Him as true King inside our hearts and life.

Brother Justin joined Sunday Service for the first time. Minister was reminded by God to focus on the word of God and bring him directly to God. By this way, he can be set up. After service, we had a graceful and joyful fellowship time.

May God guide Justin and set him up as true member. May God bless Calvary Church to guide more people back to God.