Mid-West Pentecost Retreat to be Held in Chicago, Detail Plan Released

Mid-West Region confirmed date and theme for Pentecost Retreat. The region will hold the retreat in Chicago on May 18th-20th. They also hold a bible verse “you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you”(Act 1:8) as the theme of the retreat.

Through this retreat the region church members will look at Acts 1-3. The region churches reported confirmed people to attend total 20 and set up the goal to 70 people for the retreat.

It will begin 5 pm of Friday, 18th with Opening Service and Dinner and Prayer Meeting. On the 2nd day, there will be Bible lectures, Activities and Prayer & Praise Night leading by Jubilee. There will be Pentecost Sunday service and testimony then concluded the retreat.

The region churches ministers and leaders have set up the time to pray for the retreat. They pray every day at 12pm for the retreat for 10min.

Please pray for the Mid-West Pentecost Retreat to all of people receive the Holy Spirit and power from the heaven then change all of them like disciples of Jesus.