Samuel’s Reflection on Prayer Training Experience

Joining the prayer training wasn’t easy. After avoiding it took a major leap of faith and an earnest longest for closeness with God to pull me over here.  I truly wanted to learn how to pray more effectively and God to increase my leadership qualities. Once I entered prayer center for the first time, I felt God’s peace wash over me in a profound way. I could feel that this is a place where God’s favor is. Through many bible studies and increasingly disciplined prayer, I could feel the Lord God’s love fill my heart as I opened it and let Him remove my doubts and suffering. I thank Calvary Community Church for providing an oasis for Christians so that God can strengthen their faith and multiply blessings. I was definitely in the midst of earnest followers of Christ and leadership for support and encouragement to sharpen my faith. Now I passionately seek God’s greater victory in my life and will focus on prayer more earnestly that I may accomplish God’s will in my life.

In Christ’s love,