Sunday Service: For the Place You Stand is Holy Ground

Detroit Calvary Community Church offered Sunday Service with message: For the Place You Stand is Holy Ground. Brother Yibo did opening prayer. 4 newcomers joined online service together.

God called Moses after his 40 years shepherd life. There is God’s plan towards our life. The way God revealed to Moses is through bush, which is shabby outside, but inside is life of fire. God asked Moses to take off his sandals, for God is holy and the place God reveals Himself is holy. We need to prepare ourselves to meet God and we will experience holiness in life.

Today, brother Yibo did opening prayer. May his faith grow up by this holy position. 4 people who were evangelized on campus joined service together. One brother Berry joined until the end and had sharing time together. May God guide more people to join service, especially in person.

Ministers gave thanks to God and looked forward to new month.