The Life of Jesus’ Conference December 15-16 @1pm

Our God is the God of love and mercy. He sent his only son Jesus Christ and Jesus died on the cross for our sins, but he conquered death, and the grave, making redemption to all who believe.

The Scriptures invite us to experience to join his life for us, the word of God overcome every circumstance and situation that we may face, whether presently or in the future.

Come and experience the true meaning of Christmas with us! We are telling the story of a great light that shone in the darkness so that we might see. That light is Jesus, the real meaning of Christmas. So, “Let there be light!”

We invite you to join us for The Life of Jesus’ Conference a powerful, two-day conference of teaching, worship, and prayer in the presence of God. We invite you to take part in this pursuit of God’s presence, and allow it to transform your understanding that every battle, and every victory, belongs to Him.